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Wow, what criteria would students use if they had to choose which teacher they would like to have the following year? Would it be the same criteria the parents would use if they had the same choice? Should they have more say?

Of course many considerations are used when placing students in classes for the following year but do we need to include student voice and listen more to parent voice as well?

Maybe it is time I ask my students what qualities they would look for if they could choose a teacher for next year.


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PARTS Reflection



Will web 2.0 tools help improve students writing.

Through out this PARTS project the students became increasingly aware of their writing quality as they became increasingly aware of their audience. The students recognised that when people read their work it needs to be well written. The students  want the blogging world audience to know that they are capable writers and they want to be proud of their work.  Their attitude towards writing became more positive as they wanted to do their best work for a world audience.

When comparing the survey questions we saw a vast difference from their responses at the beginning of this Parts question. The  greatest variation between responses to the survey was in the question, who do I write for and how important is editing. The majority of students now  realised that they were writing not only for themselves and their teacher but also for the world audience. This then led them to recognise that the editing process was very important as their writing could be seen by anyone in the world. This certainly was very different from the beginning of our Parts investigation where the students did not feel that editing had much importance. on the blog posts you could see clear improvement in their writing.

2.  What do you see as being the next steps ?

As a teacher, it is important that writing is purposeful and has an authentic audience for the students. They need to see that their writing is valued appreciated. In this way their writing will continue to improve. Blogging is only one way to share students writing and I would be trying to use other web 2.0 tools as well. Google apps is another way of sharing what they write and collaborating on writing pieces. I also will continue to use blogging to share the students learning.
 The World according to Cloud Gate
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Term 3 week 7


Buddy Lunch

This week the year 3 and 4 students are going to have an opportunity to show what they know about blogging with the year 1 and 2 students. A post on the 3 and 4 blog asks the buddies to write a few things about each other.

What a wonderful achievement that the year 3 and 4 students, who did not have a lot of knowledge about how to blog and what to blog, now can share their blogging skills. They now know how to do these things which they struggled with at the beginning of our blogging journey:

-get onto the internet by themselves

-keep their passwords in order

-find the global2 blogging platform

-write comments on posts using correct punctuation and spelling!!!!!!

-use correct blogging etiquette

-now suggest posts for our blog


Survey about writing and how blogging has changed what they think writing. To be completed this Friday.

I cannot wait to see if they recognise  themselves what I have seen in their writing. That given an authentic audience their writing has improved and they are more aware of what they write. That they want to be seen as good writers.

They are taking pride in their writing which was not happening to the same extent before we started blogging.

Survey results in next week.





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Term 3 Week 6


How will web 2.0 tools impact on students writing?

At the beginning of our blogging journey the students were very excited and wrote comments quickly and without much thought to what other blog readers would think of when reading what they wrote.

This week when asked to comment on a blog post most asked if they could write a draft first so they could edit and ask others to check their work….Author think. For me this is an indication that  the students would like to put their best work forward to ensure there are no mistakes. For me this is an indication that students have changed the way they write by using web 2.0 tool.

The main tool we used was blogs but as the students and I become more confident using google docs I would like to widen the variety of web 2.0 tools  I use in the classroom for student learning and collaboration.

One of our final tasks will be to have students complete the survey we gave them at the beginning of the blogging journey and to see whether the results have altered.

Other positives are the learnings about blogs that I and my peers have made about managing blogs.


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Term 3 week 4


These last couple of weeks the students had been working very hard to prepare a recount about something they enjoyed doing in their holiday. The students have been spending quite a long time writing these as they are  very aware that their audience is a real audience and want to put their best work on the blog. We have been using the ‘author think’ process most of the year but suddenly the students want to ensure that their work is written well and want their work looked at by their peers and teacher. They have developed a sense of pride in their writing.

Many of them were able to publish their work on the blog this week allowing me the opportunity to compare their earlier comments to the comments and writing they are putting on the blog.

I can compare the comments that Joyce has been making from June to August.

Initially Joyce’s comments lacked depth and had quite a few errors but as she became more aware of audience on the blog she worked towards having a better comment or piece of writing.


Joyce   said on June 18, 2014
Dear   3/4 friends
this is going to be a fun year I am in 3/4 HP I am in grade 4 new year new   things new learning

From   Joyce


Joyce     said on June 25, 2014
Hello     everyone,

Australia     may be a a Aussie place but not everywhere there is kangaroos and we don’t     have koalas as pets. We have just cats and dogs. You have to live in the     bush if you want kangaroos to go in your backyard. If you want a koala as a     pet they are boring they do nothing

From     Joyce




Joyce   said on August 5, 2014
My  Holidays By Joyce
On my holidays my cousins came from Finland. Their names are Nyagin, Bedi and Geth. On the first week lots of people came to our house, to our house to say hello and meet them. Their mum was my mum’s sister.

On the second week we went to the Aquarium. We saw a huge shark with people in the   tank. We ran everywhere in the Aquarium. At the end we saw the penguins. They   were so cute. They were swimming and sliding down an ice slide. We all got shark headphones with one bit that is a shark head and the other is a shark tail. It took a long time to drive home.

On the last weekend we went to feed the kangaroos. I fell in mud and poo and I cried, all the way back home.










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Term 3 Week 3


The children are taking longer to produce their recount as they are working through the Author Think process and they are trying to write something that someone else wound like to read.

Interesting Discussion regarding internet!

Blogging was one of the ways that he children wanted to communicate with our sister school in the Philippines. Unfortunately the school does not have computers let alone internet.

An interesting discussion followed , where our students where trying to work out if it would be possible for the Philippines students to get to somewhere where they could read our blog or see a power point we could email to them. Unfortunately this was not a possibility and we will to write letters and cards.

Students discussed that Philippines students did not have access to the same information as they did and could not talk to other people around the world like they did with their blog. They spoke about how so many visitors came to visit our blog and see our learning and we can see other peoples information.

They were blown away that internet and blogging was not a part of the Philippines student’s lives!


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Term 3 week 2


The children are very excited to post on the blog but their drafts are taking a longer time to complete. Cross arts is taking a lot of their time and they want to complete their  recount drafts and edit them before publishing.

Will get back to you when they have published their work.

The students are becoming far more confident in their blogging skills. This confidence is reflected in their enthusiasm to want to make comments on the blog.

I am also keen for the students to trial a variety of different ways of publishing their learning. Things that  are more visual and interactive. They could post a photo story, movie or screen chomp.


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Term 3 week 1


After a brief reflection on who sees the work we post on the blog the students were asked to write about their holiday. The student’s response was notably different from previous writing times. They immediately asked who they were writing for? When they were told it was for the blog they were very engaged in reminding each other of writing rules they needed to remember, for example, don’t forget the capital letters and full stops, write about the fun things etc.

A discussion about who would see their work and what other people around the world would think of it  was sparked up as well.

This is an indication that they are aware of audience and writing for a purpose.

Students are writing a draft first in their writing books before posting. They will then be asked if they are ready to publish or want further editing.

I will be able to compare this piece of writing for a wider audience on the blog to writing the students written  for themselves and their teacher. Hopefully there will be a difference.

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PARTS week 10



An exciting week!

Step 1. Look at blog cluster map with the class.

Student discovery-Oh my goodness, people from around the world are looking at our blog. Cluster map shows America, India as well as Australia. They can see our blog. How exciting! 🙂

Step 2. Look at last week’s student comments.

Student discovery- Hmmm, Lots of errors. No capital letters, spelling errors, sentences not making sense. Hmmmm. 🙁

Step 3. What do you think visitors to our blog think about when they read your comments? 

Student realization- Ummm, they think we don’t know how to write properly. Kids at St E’s don’t know how to spell or use punctuation.  THE WORLD IS OUR AUDIENCE!!!!!  :/

Step 3. Students comment on the community blog.

Discussion after blogging-

What did you differently? I checked what I wrote before posting. I asked my friend to read what I wrote to see if it was OK. I used capitals for names. I asked my teacher to help me spell some words. After I posted I saw a mistake and asked my teacher if I could edit my comment.

Why did you do all those things? So other kids think I am good at writing comments. So there wouldn’t be any mistakes. So people who see the blog think it is good. People can see our blog. So kids in other schools don’t see anything that is wrong.

I must say that the comments written by the students today, after they realised that their audience was not just each other and their teachers but the wider world, were written with much more care and attention to detail. There were fewer errors and more information added to them.

I hope that this continues. We shall see.









WeAn exciting


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PARTS Week 8


Blogging with Year 3/4 students.

I began by setting the students up with their passwords. This in itself is time consuming and will be completed be the beginning of the next week. Once that part of the blogging process is complete, the students will be able to write comments on posts we have prepared for them. I am looking forward to their first comments on this years blog.

Next week we will look at good quality blogs. We will investigate comments and discuss why some are better than others. The students will then have a second attempt on commenting. Hopefully their comments may become better….perhaps more informative, have better open ended questions or simply more care is taken in regard to spelling and punctuation.






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